Ramadhan Quran Recitation Contest

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    A full day at Ilulu Stadium in Lindi, Tanzania. LIFT sponsored a Quran recitation contest . Students from 9 schools competed. Four Judges selected the top 9 winners but all students are winners. The Contest was in Lindi Town … Continued


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There are certain characteristics of a Learning Organization. InshaAllah, LIFT can be a Learning Organization. This means that everyone is a teacher; and everyone is a student. Why do we want to be a Learning Organization?1. Allah (SWT) through our … Continued

Sadaqa Distribution-Village of Matapwa

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Click here to view pictures About two weeks ago we learned of a baby whose mother died in childbirth. His father distraught disappeared after an apparent nervous breakdown. The young couple, the baby’s parents, used to make a living digging … Continued


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The LIFT Management Team met for the first time January 5th. The Team is comprised of Chairpersons of each of LIFTs Committees. As much as we would like to jump right in to project work, we are taking a measured … Continued