Who we are

LIFT is faith-based, volunteer organization that strives to improve food security, water, sanitation, health, and education for Muslims in the Lindi region of Tanzania.

LIFT is a registered organization under the Societies Act Cap. 337 (Reg. No. SA 18740). Qualified organizations are granted registration certificates from the Registrar of Societies, which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs Tanzania. Registration gives donors the assurance that we must operate at a level of transparency and accountability as defined by Tanzanian law

Our Members

LIFT is comprised of volunteers that reside within the Lindi region of Tanzania.  LIFT members are dedicated volunteers that have love for their community.  Through our volunteers and donors, LIFT targets to improve the life of the most vulnerable in Lindi region.

LIFT’s Board of Directors all reside within Lindi Region.

LIFT Registration Certificate 2023 -2028

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