Arrival of Qurbani For Eidul-Adha 2014

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AlhamduAlllah Lindi Islamic Foundation of Tanzania – LIFT is coordinating the qurbani/udhiya for many brother and sisters. Today we waited for the arrival of 17 cows and 37 goats/sheep to take the long ride to our area. Village representatives from 6 villages waited 12 hours at Kitomanga Village, the first drop off area, for their village’s allotted cow.

It was too late to walk back to their villages with the cows so they will sleep in Kitomanga with the cows then walk early morning. Other deliveries were made during the night with more planned tomorrow God Willing. (Update: The Kitomanga group of five cows and five villages went at night instead and arrived before dawn on their respective villages).

Arrival of Qurban Arrival of Qurban Arrival of Qurban


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