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There are certain characteristics of a Learning Organization. InshaAllah, LIFT can be a Learning Organization. This means that everyone is a teacher; and everyone is a student. Why do we want to be a Learning Organization?

1. Allah (SWT) through our Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) encourages the seeking of knowledge through our lifetime.
2. Education is the center of LIFT’s Framework and is an entry point into the other sectors.
3. To be successful as an organization that helps the most vulnerable, LIFT must build its internal capacity, and this is through education of LIFT’s members.
4. A Learning Organization conveys to our donors and supporters that we are an organization that is trustworthy.
5. A Learning Organization develops the next leaders.
6. Increasing our knowledge not only builds capacity within LIFT but also helps us in our daily lives. Therefore, it builds capacity within the Lindi Region and the entire ummah.
7. For any of LIFT’s successes to be sustainable, we must be lifetime learners.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone who reads “Key Learning” articles to share with his or her internal customers who may not have access to the internet, or who may not be proficient in English. That is, you become the teacher to your teams, other LIFT members, other Committee Chairs, and even the Board of Directors.

Most Key Learnings are simple. We know this information. However, we sometimes need a reminder. Even a teacher is reminded of things he or she already know when the lesson is prepared. Then, once we understand, we ACT. By being an example, others learn as well. If we do not understand, we ASK.

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