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We thank the Muslim Community of Kalamazoo Michigan USA, LIFT and others who supported this Sadeqah Jariyah project of Mnazi Mmoja Madresah and Learning Center. The project was launched in April 2021, and Alhamdulilah it was completed in March 2022. The approximate cost for the project was $24,000(USD).

Mnazi Mmoja is located 25 km south of the town of Lindi in the south eastern coast region of Lindi, Tanzania. The original Madresah was built in 1978. The new Madresah and Learning center, supplements the Islamic learning with after school and weekend help for students’ public education. Alhamdulilah, the new facility has two classrooms with desks, an office, toilets, 2 store fronts, water and electricity connections, and additional land for expansion to the community. Several LIFT members remain on the Madresah Advisory Board. The opening ceremony was on March 20, 2022. The community was grateful and prayed for those who made this a reality.

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