Mr. Mahmood Chembera (Chairman of the Board) Mr. Mahmood is a  Retired National Housing (NHC) Employee. He is also Lindi Regional Chairman of Tanzania Chairman of Commerce and Industry (TCCIA) and Cashew Farmer.


Dr. Hamis Ajali (Secretary) . Dr. Ajali is a general practitioner medical doctor. He works in the Dematology and Internal medicine departments in Sokoine Lindi Regional .006.17865609_large

Sharifa Y. Apottey (Treasurer) Sharifa holds several certificates for accounting and civil service. She has worked for the Ministry of Finance and currently is employed by the Tanzania Revenue Authority. Sharifa works long hours at TRA; LIFT is honored that she is its treasurer.


Mahmoody Hemedy NyihiranMahmoody is a Lindi business man. His specialty is solar energy and automobile maintenance. He is a founding member of LIFT and is very active in the Lindi community.005.17870618_large

Juma Abdallah Mohamedi . Juma owns the popular Mmakua shop in the Lindi Market. The Mmakua shop offers natural foods, spices, Sunnah medicines, and other supplies. If his shop is closed, it must be prayer time. In his spare time, he also maintains goats and dairy cows.006.88134335_large

Saidi A. Mnyengema Saidi is a retired sales representative from the airline industry where he earned a reputation for his honesty and reliability. Saidi continued to be active after retirement, including serving on the Board of ILULU SACOS Lindi and assisting Hajj pilgrams.  011.88134739_large

Amina Iddi Lippende Amina, known as Mama Lippende, operates a stationary store in Lindi. She has held several administrative positions within the government. In addition, Mama Lippende has served on other Boards,including Lindi Water Supply and several school boards.  007.88134902_large


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