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AlhamduAllah, thanks to our donors, 20 cows were sacrificed. Ten villages received 1, 2, 3, or 4 cows, depending on the population of the village. The cows were distributed among villages that are in close proximity of each other: MCHINGA I, MCHINGA 2, SANDA MKOBANI, RUVU, MNA’NGOLE, DIMBA, KILOLAMBWANI, MALOO, MVULENI, and KIJIWENI.  Their close proximity facilitated monitoring. The livestock was delivered the night before EID:

Truck loaded and ready for its 135 mile journey to its firs drop off.

On Eid Day, the cows were sacrificed after Eid prayer, meat was not distributed until after the doctor inspected the meat to ensure it was suitable for human consumption.