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This year (2018/1439), LIFT, chose the two districts of Nachingwea and Ruangwa within the region of Lindi in Tanzania for the distribution of meat from the Udhiya/Qurbani. Thanks to donors, 26 cows and 38 goats/sheep were sacrificed.

The livestock was loaded on to the truck on August 21st, a several hour tasks, and made the 400 km journey from Mohoro, in the Pwani Region, to Nachingwea.



On August 22nd, at 1:00 PM the sacrifice was complete. Working with local mosques, meat was distributed.

meat-supply meat-waiting-distribution

Lindi Region is one of 31 regions in Tanzania. Lindi Region is on the southeast coast of Tanzania. Its culture and people have strong ties to Oman, as the Oman Sultans ruled the coast area and Zanzibar centuries ago. Tanzania was also colonized by Germans then the British.

Lindi Region is comprised of 6 districts. Their names and 2012 populations are Lindi Urban (78,841), Lindi Rural (194,143), Kilwa (190,744), Nachingwea (178,464), Ruangwa (131,080), and Liwale (91,380). Lindi Town is within Lindi Urban district. Even though Nachengwea and Ruangwa are 150 km (93 miles) from Lindi Town, LIFT decided to target districts previously not reached by LIFT.  Kilwa, Lindi Urban, and Lindi Rural were served in preceding years.

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