Masjid Taha in Mvuleni

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 Lindi Islamic Foundation of Tanzania (LIFT) received donations in 2019 and 2020 that with the help of Allah (swt) allowed us to complete the construction of new masjid in the village of Mvuleni in the Lindi Rural District of Lindi Region in Tanzania. The population is approximately 5,000. The previous masjid was too close to the road and was too small to support the village.  We started construction not knowing if funding would be sufficient to realize the vision.  But alhamduAllah the community has a new masjid that exceeds their expectations thanks to generous brothers and sisters.

First Congregational Prayer, paint still drying:, Thursday Maghrib:

Maghrib prayer June 18, 2020


Before (measuring width of new masjid for construction):


Before and After Collage pictures:

Before and After
Before and After


Newly constructed masjid:

  1. Tariq Jamil

    Salam, It was delighted to see the completion of the Masjid Taha. May Allah Bless this Masjid for the Village and unite the Muslim Community. May Allah reward all the people who helped physically and financially to make this project possible. Best wishes to all.


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